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  • Thanks for the wonderful 2015/2016 year.  Congrats to the Preschool, Madressah and Academy graduates.

    Thanks to all the teachers, TA's, subs and admin staff for all the help and their dedication to our children.  May Allah SWT grant you your wishes. 

    Have a wonderful summer and InshaAllah we will see you next year.


    * AZM will provide lunch every first Sunday of the month.

    * If you would like to sponsor students or teachers lunch for any Sunday; please contact Sr Fauzia or Br Murtaza Mulla

    * Pizza Lunch is $210.00 and Juice is $30.00 

    * Please avoid bringing nuts based snacks/lunch to the Madressah.  AZM has many children who are allergic to nuts. Thanks for your consideration and understanding.

    Thank You 



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