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  • 2016/ 2017 Az Zahra Madressah School Year Dates:

    September 25th: First Day of Madressah for Preschool and Academy     

    ** Late registration in the computer lab after assembly.

    ** Special Eid lunch will be served.   


    * AZM will provide lunch every first Sunday of the month.

    * If you would like to sponsor students or teachers lunch for any Sunday; please contact Sr Fauzia or Br Murtaza Mulla

    * Pizza Lunch is $210.00 and Juice is $30.00 

    * Please avoid bringing nuts based snacks/lunch to the Madressah.  AZM has many children who are allergic to nuts. Thanks for your consideration and understanding.

    Thank You 



  • * Quran Memorization Surah Competition Audio Files * Quran Competition Surahs List
  • Az Zahra Madressah 2016-17 Calendar
  • AZM Madressah and Academy Teacher Schedule
  • UNIFORM Guidelines:

    All students need to adhere to the Madressah dress code and uniform

    Girls / Sisters:

     Preshool - Grade5: Dark Blue Uniform Jumper (available in school uniform sections at various stores e.g. Old Navy, Children's place) with long sleeve undershirt (White or light blue) and long Pants (Blue or White and No tights).

    Grade 7 - Academy: Black Abaya

    Scarfs: White / Black Hijab

    Boys / Brothers:

    Long sleeve blue polo shirt (available in school uniform sections at various stores e.g. Old Navy, Children's place) Long blue or khaki pants.


    *Preschoolers to Grade 3 -1 backpack (preferably not the one used for regular school) -1 box of crayons (no larger than a box of 16-24) -1 4oz. white Elmer's glue -1 Pair of scissors -Sharpen pencils for every Saturday Erasers -School Box to keep crayons, pencils.  One Notebook

    *Grade 4 and up -1 backpack (preferably not the one used for regular -school) -Pencils or pens for every Saturday -Erasers

    One Notebook

Class Room Activities
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